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How to Assemble an Indoor Swing for Kids in Three Steps

Before you purchase an indoor swing for kids, you might be wondering how difficult it will be to put together. For this reason, we have described each step in detail, so you can understand exactly how to put together this indoor swing for your children. Just follow the steps below and start having fun.

Adjust the Support Bar in a Doorway

The Support Bar fits in any doorway with a width of 29 inches to 36 inches. You simply adjust the Support Bar to the doorway of your choosing and make sure it is secure.

Attach Swing

After you have secured the Support Bar to the doorway, you can then attach the indoor swing for kids by simply clipping it onto the Support Bar. Whether you have chosen an indoor swing or another one of our accessories, you simply clip all of our attachments onto the Support Bar the same way.

Have Fun

Once the swing or any other accessory is attached, your little one can begin having fun. Your child can swing for hours, and you do not have to worry about anything. Once your child is done swinging, you can unclip the swing from the support bar, so you can easily walk through the doorway again.


Call us at (715) 752-4840 if you have any questions when assembling an indoor swing for kids.

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