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Health Snacks for Healthy and Active Kids.

Rainy Day Swing

Keeping kids healthy and fit. Phew! Playing around on indoor playgrounds sure works up an appetite! After all, they’re monkeying around on their trapeze bar, working their little legs with sensory swings, and toning the muscles of their abdomen and arms with arm slings. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with nutritious ingredients and tasty treats! Check out these simple recipes, perfect for doing just that:
Frozen Peanut Butter and Banana Stacks: This simple cool treat is great for those working up a sweat! The peanut butter provides essential protein, while the banana provides energy, nutrients, and a touch of sweet. Slice the banana into about ½ inch slices. Smear peanut butter between two slices, sandwich-style, and freeze for about two hours. Enjoy!
A Hummus, Cracker, and Cheese Plate: Go fancy and fun with this simple snack! Hummus and cheese provide protein, while the crackers provide a burst of energy through carbohydrates. To keep it even healthier, use whole grain crackers! 
“Frozen Yogurt”: Yogurt is a parent-favorite. It’s easy, and full of necessary calcium. Frozen yogurt is kid-approved, with a touch of sweet, without the added sugar of ice cream. To further cut the sugar of frozen yogurt, make it yourself! Freeze their favorite fruit, such as bananas, peaches, or strawberries. Once frozen, use a blender to blend plain yogurt with the fruit. This will create a cool and smooth ice cream-like consistency. It’s just sweet enough to please your little one, without any added sugar or unfamiliar ingredients.
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Rainy Day Indoor Swing Set.

Congratulations son. Rainy Day Line It took you to become a father to see the need for help in the house with little ones. You and your brothers got busy once you decided why not, we need this. It took lots of time, trial, error and room to work. Then, one day, you and your brothers made the first prototype. You convinced your dad to get involved and the Rainey Day Indoor Playground evolved. It is compact, strong and colorful. The next step was to get a patent.
The first presentation we had was a real eye opener. People said; “It can’t be done, it will never work!” but the one father who put his daughter into the swing with her arms crossed across her chest, she had cerebral palsy, watched his daughter uncross her arms to hold onto the ropes of the infant/toddler swing.

4 piece kit

Rainy Day Indoor Playground Equipment 4-Piece Kit The father watched his daughter and with tears in his eyes said, “She has never done that before.’’

The father watched his daughter and with tears in his eyes said, “She has never done that before.’’ We heard stories of children who couldn’t go outside because of disabilities but you know what, they all went for the swing. Swinging is needed for child development and we eventually created a swing to sit up on, lie down on, or swivel on and the physical therapy business used all of them for different conditions. You found a need and you filled that need. You brought the outdoor swing indoors creating an area in the home for active play.
Our swings are made for little hands to use. As children grow there are attachments that can be purchased. Starting at 6 months old up to a 90 lb. swinging weight are the development years with the best results.
You have spent years on the road in all kinds of weather conditions attending conferences to get the word out and today we sell lots of parts to replace worn ones because the swings are still in use. I’m talking twenty years and that is incredible in today’s marketplace. Your swing does lots of good things for people.
In my house is one of the first support bars made and several grandchildren and a few great grandchildren have used that swing. Your dad and I, as we aged, found it good to grab that support bar and lift our feet off the floor, count to fifteen and put feet back on the floor. Do this 2 times and many back aches can be avoided.
I know copycat products are out there but none can do what you’re Rainy Day Indoor Playground with all its attachments and strength can do. Thank you for the hard work associated with building and marketing, getting our story out. This couldn’t have happened without the hard hours and work you have put into the Rainy Day Indoor Playground to make it a reality.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Terrific is the only word I can think of right now. Parents can build confidence in their children watching them work at swinging and learning to lift their own body weight. You are all champions changing physical therapy so parents can be involved with their children. That is top notch.

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