Playaway Indoor Playground Equipments Reviews

Playaway indoor playground equipments have been helping parents put smiles to their children. From Rainy Day indoor support bar to other Rainy Day indoor swing sets, these products have touched the lives of our customers. Read below the reviews of our products from our customers. You can contact us to learn more about how to setup recreational activities with indoor swings.


Wonderful company! Owners are very welcoming and explained there products to me very well. Defenitly will buy again and again! Kids love the indoor equipment and I can also use it as a fitness center for myself! Win-win!!!!
– Michelle P.

Wonderful family business excellent indoor and outdoor playground sets
– Omar C.

This was my daughters favorite toy growing up! Now we are passing it on to her cousins! I called the company on a Saturday for a replacement part and he said he would send for free! Thank you so much for your customer service! Love supporting good quality people running small businesses! My sister will be so grateful for a way to get her three kids energy out indoors! Thanks Playaway Toy co!!!
– Emerge Healing Arts and Spa

My son has Autism and seeks vestibular movement constantly. We purchased the Rainy Day Indoor Net Swing and set it up in his bedroom doorway. He was 4 years old when we bought it and is now 7 years old. There isn’t a day goes by that he doesn’t use his swing. He has mastered it!! He amazes me with what he can do with it. He loves it dearly as do I. It has been the best thing we have ever purchased to help my son and his Autism needs. Thank you for an amazing product!!
– Anissa B.


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