About Our Rainy Day Indoor Playground Equipment


Learn more about our Rainy Day indoor playground equipment and how our company aims to help families and children develop their well-being with our safe doorway swing products. 

It’s a dream…just hang up and swing!

Activity-Based Fun
Safety of Your Home

Playaway Toy Company, Inc. has brought the fun indoors with the Rainy Day® Indoor Playground. Used successfully by parents and therapists, this inside playground offers a unique suspension system. At the center is the support bar, easily suspended in any doorway. Choose one of our attachments, hang it up, and you have instant recreation that enhances early childhood development, balance, early speech, and coordination. We strive to make learning fun. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful difference the swing makes in your life.

Unique in construction, this product is fun and brightly colored, changing frowns into smiles. The durable craftsmanship means kids can enjoy playing inside for many years. The Rainy Day® Indoor Playground line balances and coordinates a child as they swing and use the attachments.

Ideal for Any Weather

Dull and dreary days are no more when you’ve got the Rainy Day® line of playsets and swings. The Playaway Toy Company, Inc. has crafted a uniquely effective set of indoor play structures, perfect for developing babies and children. Little ones of all ages have fun learning, building fine and gross motor skills, and getting out their energy with a vast selection of rainy day indoor playground equipment.

Looking for effective ideas for indoor play for toddlers all the way up to grade school students? We’ve got just the playsets! From indoor swings to support bars to ladders and more, there’s something for every age group and developmental level. Whether they need close assistance or are independent, they’re in good hands with Playaway Toy. Be sure to shop our entire fun and extensive collection.

Why Play Inside?

The Rainy Day® Indoor Playground makes life better by creating an energy-releasing play area for children in the safety of their home. Make the most of any standard doorway with our space-saving indoor swing. Balance, coordination, hand-eye control, and focus all happen while children are having fun swinging. Playaway products have been used inside homes since 1997; we were the first company to develop a support bar system for indoor use. Unique in construction, the product is brightly colored, changing frowns into smiles.

Feel free to use it every day as an energy-releasing tool for your children. The extremely durable craftsmanship means it can be enjoyed for many years. Children need and desire to nurture at home from people who care about them, and our product lets you provide that. Children ages 6 months up to 90 pounds can swing. Adult supervision is required.

Enhancing Child Development

Training a child does not start at age 3 or 4, it starts from the moment a baby develops a frown across its forehead, studies your face, and becomes aware of you. From then on, you are teaching. The Rainy Day® Indoor Playground is a tool to be used to develop a child as they grow. We have had kids learn easy verbal skills where people say, “I’ve never heard someone so small talk!” Just stand back and look, it will surprise you.

The result is a child who is school-ready. The ABC’s, counting, and vowels have been heard and spoken. It does not take long to put a face to what has already been learned. Balance and coordination allow a child to participate in any activity required.

Getting ready for school can start with contacting our professionals. We’ll help you find the right set for your child.

Learning has never been so much fun.
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