Rainy Day Activities for Kids With Special Needs

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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Kids with special needs often need different things to stay happy and healthy. The right activity will depend on your child’s interests, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Whether your child has physical disabilities, learning disabilities or developmental delays, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what they like best.

When outdoor activities aren’t an option, you’re sure to find a few fun things from our list that special needs children will love.

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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Sensory Play Activities

Kids who have sensory issues benefit from activities that stimulate all five senses. It also helps develop important skills like creativity, concentration, problem-solving, and self-regulation.

Sensory play is an excellent way for kids to be creative while staying engaged indoors during inclement weather!

Drawing With Crayons

Having your child draw is a simple game that is helpful on so many levels. It’ll help them focus and increase their self-esteem because of their ability to create something beautiful on their own.

Feeling Different Textures

The feeling of a different texture can be a great experience for kids.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between textures, so it may help if you have some bowls or other containers on hand.

Some examples could include:

  • a fluffy towel that dried outside on a sunny day;
  • sandpaper of varying grit levels;
  • a bag of sugar crystals or salt grains.

Pretending to Be Animals

Pretending to be animals is a fun and easy way for kids with special needs to engage in imaginative play. You can encourage them to explore different personalities and characters. It will also help develop their cognitive skills.

Playing with Play Dough or Slime

Playing with these textures can be a great and stimulating sensory experience for kids. They can discover the scents of the different colours. They can then squeeze them into different shapes. With playdough, it can help with hand strengthening and sensory exploration.

Sensory Stimulation Activities

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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Sensory play activities are very beneficial for children with special needs because these types of play build the brain, allowing them to learn through their senses further. They also help with learning colors and shapes.

These activities are a great way to help kids with special needs explore their environment. It can also help improve sensory processing and communication.

Finger Painting

One great option is doing art activities together. Finger painting is easy enough that even young children can participate.

There’s something about finger painting that makes everything better. The bright colors, the gooey texture, and the fun of making a mess all come together to create an activity that’s just perfect for a rainy day.

Consider using different textures, such as foam stickers or textured fabric. It will add an extra level of excitement and interest to the activity.

Listening to Music

Music can help improve communication, social skills, and emotional responses. It can help reduce anxiety and improve focus and attention. Listening or dancing to music is great for an autistic child.

It’s also a great opportunity to dance and create spatial awareness.

Playing With a Pet

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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Pets can provide a sense of companionship and teach kids how to be responsible for another living thing. Playing with a pet can help kids learn how to respect boundaries, be gentle and interact with others. Playing with a pet can also help kids learn about empathy and compassion.

Smelling Different Scents

One fun game they can play on a rainy day is to smell different scents. This game can help children with special needs to improve their sensory skills. All you need is a variety of scents, such as vanilla, peppermint, and lavender. You can place the scents in a jar or bag and then have the kids take turns smelling them. This game can also help to improve the children’s memory skills.

Activities to Develop Their Fine Motor Skills

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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You can help your child develop their motor skills by providing them with opportunities to do activities that require precision and control. Some examples of these activities include:

Playing With Puzzles

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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Puzzles are a fun way to keep kiddies occupied on a rainy day. You can find them in various difficulty levels and styles, so finding something that will interest each child is easy. If your child has difficulty completing puzzles, you can help them by providing assistance or modifying the puzzle to make it easier.

Coloring in between the Lines

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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There are many benefits to colouring in between the lines for autistic children. Colouring within the lines can help with hand-eye coordination and attention span.

Stringing Beads

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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This activity can help with patience and focus. It’s also an opportunity for children with special needs to explore different colors and textures.

Other Indoor Activities

Playing with Sensory Toys

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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Sensory toys are great for children with particular needs because they target different senses.

Sensory toys stimulate the child’s sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. Sensory bins are an excellent way to stimulate children’s senses with special needs.

A sensory bin is a container filled with materials that appeal to different senses. The child can explore the materials with their hands, eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Playaway Toy Rainy Day Product Line

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

Playaway Toy’s indoor playground equipment is designed specifically for special needs kiddos, providing them with a fun and stimulating environment to explore.

The Playaway Toy Rainy Day product line is perfect for any child who loves to play with various activities.

Indoor Playground Equipment

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

Our different playground equipment, such as our Jungle Gym Therapy Sensory Room, can provide your child with hours of mental stimulation and help them build muscles.

So many parents, teachers, and therapists choose Playaway Toy Company’s products.

Indoor Swing

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

An indoor swing is perfect for strengthening muscle and building hand-eye coordination while your child has many hours of fun.

We also provide several indoor special needs swings and play selections specifically designed for children with limited abilities.

You can use the swing in your home, school, or clinical therapy center.

Final Thoughts on Indoor Activities for Special Needs Kids

Rainy Day® Indoor Playground

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These activities are sure to create great fun all while your child learns new skills. We included many sensory activities that many parents and families love.

If you have other children at home, it might also be a great opportunity to incorporate fun social skills activities.

We hope these ideas gave you inspiration on what kind of games you can do as a family.

Our Rainy Day Products are perfect for children with particular needs, as they provide a fun and stimulating way to stay active.

Join the community of families who love these world-class products for their children with additional needs. They have proven to be a great way to support different aspects and challenges your children need. We encourage you to check it out.


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