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Indoor playground Equipment makes lives better, by creating an energy-releasing play area in the safety of the home, installed indoors, creates balance, coordination, hand-eye control, and focus point, while having fun swinging.

Top Source for Indoor Playground Equipment

Playaway Toy Company, Inc. is the manufacturer of not only indoor playground equipment but also the patented Rainy Day® Indoor Playground line. With our indoor playground equipment, your child can play for hours regardless of the season or time of day.

It is suggested that children get at least 60 minutes of playtime every day, but depending on where you live, the play space may be limited, especially in high-rise apartments, condos, townhomes, or even small houses. Our products transform a doorway into a playground, so your kid can enjoy their childhood wherever you live.

Contact us today and learn more about the indoor playground equipment we offer and its benefits. 

Indoor Playground Equipment for At-Home Fun

This is the ideal product for your children because it has interchangeable parts. When it’s not being used, you can store it in a small place out of the way. At the center of this particular system is our Rainy Day® Indoor Support Bar that easily suspends in almost any doorway measuring 29”-36” with only a few tools. You can even use this support bar for chin-ups/pull-ups to gain upper body strength. Our Rainy Day® Line has many attachments to choose from:

  • Indoor Baby Swing -- rated the best indoor baby swing around by parents and therapists alike
  • Indoor Strap Swing -- a favorite with many because swinging is just plain fun
  • Indoor Net Swing -- with optional study board; provides hours of relaxation and a quiet, secure place to study
  • Indoor Trapeze Bar -- can be raised or lowered to the desired height to accommodate each child
  • Indoor One Seated Glider -- hand grips and footrest positions provide children of all sizes with comfort
  • Indoor Teeter Totter -- can be placed at 8 different levels
  • Platform Swing – 2-in-1 rotary platform swing allows for an endless array of vestibular and sensory for therapy
  • Body Define -- indoor fitness system, doorway gym, home exercises

All of these indoor swing selections and attachments are perfect for strengthening muscle and building hand-eye coordination while your child is having many hours of fun. Our team does not stop there because we also provide a number of indoor special needs swings and play selections that are specifically designed for children with limited abilities. Our special needs swing can be used in your home, at school, or in a clinical therapy center. For more information on these wonderful special needs products, check out the following links:

  • Special Needs and Therapy Products

Experience the Body Define ® system here:

  • Body Define ®

Contact us for orders and info. Our playsets are routinely sent to homes, schools, and clinics all over the world.



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Fun Factory Sensory Gym, LLC is the leading manufacturer of custom-designed sensory gyms and equipment. Our dynamic and experienced team of professionals design, develop, and install our products throughout North America. From concept to completion our sensory gyms are handcrafted to fit every square inch of your facility. With our open concept plan, you'll have plenty of extra space for floor time activities. Children experiencing our purpose-built sensory gyms see a material improvement in concentration, focus, alertness, mobility, and engagement. This all leads to more effective and result-driven treatment plans. 

Fun Factory Sensory Gym has partnered with Playaway Toys to ensure that all of their sensory gyms are equipped with our state-of-the-art swing equipment and attachments.


The fun of a playground within the safety of home.
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